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Megan ([personal profile] holdingfishes) wrote2017-04-04 11:39 am


i drew these for my d&d character, dagnal ironfist. the first image has an alternate, where she is in a forest, but after changing the backgrounds i added more to the character herself so i elected not share that one. the last image was done before i made the change to her hair. i'm not sure how much i like it because she looks more human in it, not very dwarf-like xp as a druid, she doesn't wear heavy armor so that's why all her clothing looks light and flowy. honestly now i feel like drawing more of her haha

 Digital art. A full body action shot of a druid dwarf swinging her quarterstaff. She wears simple leather armor and petals are strewn in the air.Digital art. A chibi dwarf cries obnoxiously. She is dressed in an oversized button up and khaki jeans.Digital art. A portrait of a dwaraf. There are floral beads tying some hair back into a ponytail. She wears a rabbit foot necklace and a deer skin jacket. Her hair is reddish brown and her eyes are purple.